Henna Trails

Purely natural henna in Chico, California est.2009

Henna in stormy weather

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Henna  by Henna Trails
Henna , a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

April around Chico is always unpredictable. Yesterday I watched the sun come out in full blazing glory at least 3 times, I also saw 2 heavy downpours of rain come in between the sunshine. Today is very similar weather. I have made the decision I will not cancel my tent at the Thursday Night Market tonight, regardless the weather. You can find me on Broadway between 3rd and 4th street, over by the Birkenstock store. I will give you such a deal for coming out, I promise!

This should make for a very interesting evening.

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Author: Kristy McCurry

Our Folk Life is mixed media artistry steeped in world cultures, henna art, folk art and ecological lifestyles based in Chico, California. Our Folk Life is a natural unfolding of henna artist Kristy McCurry, also known as Henna Trails, into the expansive field of folk art and handmade wares. It is her creative henna artist’s mind that often overflows and finds its way into folk arts, screen prints and surface design.

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