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Purely natural henna in Chico, California est.2009

Hello March Henna

Henna Outdoors.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

Henna is an ancient, yet temporal beauty ritual with enduring traditions and patterns. Henna Trails’ henna is hand mixed from certified Organic henna leaves and quality essential oils for a purely natural and safe experience in body art. Henna patterns dry in 20 minutes, keeping the paste intact at least 4-8 hours will reveal deep henna stains. Henna stains all healthy skin types with a red brown tone and lasts 7-10 days. Walk in beauty.

Its 2015 and I have henna studio hours for you!

Henna for Chico CaliforniaToday is the first day! I am collaborating with Jenmoon Creations in her new artists collective shop, Moonstone. I will be keeping open henna hours, and yes, yes I am really excited to be able to serve you in a beautiful, accessible setting. Henna for Chico! Let’s beautify ourselves with this amazing, plant based, all natural ancient beauty ritual! See you there xoxoKristy

Moonstone 835 Main Street Chico, California

Blessingway Henna


Kristy McCurry:

A little henna post from my sister site, Our Folk Life.

Originally posted on Our Folk Life:

I took the Skyway to Paradise, California for a Bollywood inspired blessingway under tall pines. Local yogi, Christina of Positive-I transformed her backyard with visually rich textiles, garlands, flowers and saris. Two joining canopies set with low tables, mats, pillows and flowers awaited clusters of  joyous women in attendance for the mother to be. Such beautiful surroundings certainly inspired everyone in many ways that day.

Christina and I took a moment to go over my sketches inspired by the design and intent she had in mind. She chose a lotus design, greatly inspired by Tibetan folk art, with a touch of India folk art. I quietly set to work with my henna cones as she visited with friends, finishing her design in about 45 minutes. She continued in repose until her henna paste dried, 15 minutes or so. She then joined her guests under the canopies to commune and slowly…

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California WorldFest Henna 2014

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Kristy McCurry:

California Worldfest 2014 was amazing as usual, I was there with my henna artistry. You can read all about it on my sister site, Our Folk Life.

Originally posted on Our Folk Life:

We were so happy to return to California World Fest 2014 to share the artistry of natural henna in such a beautiful mountain environment. We left the valley floor and climbed into the Sierras to the Grass Valley fairgrounds for 4 days of International music, food, henna, camping and really so much more. This festival has been a family favorite for us, even before I shared my henna by the Meadow Stage. Thank you all for your natural beauty and patience as I unfurled henna designs for all of you by hand! Saturday and Sunday I was able to take some time to properly photograph the henna we shared, it was so nice to capture the spirit of our weekend! See you next year or you can always find me in the Thursday Night Market in Downtown Chico, California!

I hope to see you beautiful people next year at California World…

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Casa Bonita

Kristy McCurry:

I’d like to dedicate this photographic blog post to the wonderfully kind Rose who sold me her Canon eos at her yard sale by the park in Chico,California. Having a solid camera to learn on has cracked open my artistic world to whole new places. I am so grateful and having a wonderful time using my new to me camera. So much gratitude!

Originally posted on Our Folk Life:

Our setting sun lit the gardens as we relaxed in the quiet afternoon. Simple wholesome foods and drink were all we needed as we shared dreams, visions and stories of far places. The henna is a temporal gift of adornment, lasting 7-10 days and fading away naturally. Our henna is made purely from henna leaves, tamarind tea, cajeput essential oil and a touch of raw sugar. This henna paste is carefully applied freehand in intricate and swirling patterns upon the skin, a beautification tradition used for centuries between women. henna_party_chico_ourfolklife_media07henna_party_chico_ourfolklife_media06henna_party_chico_ourfolklife_media04henna_party_chico_ourfolklife_media02henna_party_chico_ourfolklife_media01

You may book a henna artist for your next party or gathering in the Chico, California area. $15-25 per guest for custom henna designs. We may provide referrals for whole foods catering and venue sites upon inquiry. Please contact us for inquiries or bookings: hennatrails@gmail.com

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Bohemians have the best arms


purely natural henna and handmade jewelry

Handmade Jewelry: Jenmoon Creations. Henna: Henna Trails. Model/Potter: California Soulshine Designs Photography: Sasha Fox. Chico, California

Handmade Jewelry: Jenmoon Creations Henna: Henna Trails Model: California Soulshine Designs Photography: Sasha Fox

Handmade Jewelry: Jenmoon Creations
Henna: Henna Trails
Model: California Soulshine Designs
Photography: Sasha Fox





Handmade Jewelry: Jenmoon Creations Henna: Henna Trails. Model/Potter: California Soulshine Designs Photography: Sasha Fox Chico, California


This is for all of you inspired by the natural beauty which surrounds us, inspires us and offers us a healthy lifestyle. Here, we are never far from volcanoes, canyons, creeks, valleys, impossibly large sprawling oak trees and plenty of sunshine allowing for a simple lifestyle full of beauty. We work with our hands, carefully turning out artistry to bless the wearer and recipient,  it’s what we love to do for you. We believe in the natural beauty of you. What can we do for you?

All the beautiful jewelry is made by Jenmoon Creations. Our friend, model and potter is California Soulshine. Photography by Sasha Fox. Purely natural henna by yours truly, Henna Trails.


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