Saturday reflections

Today I will go downtown to the Saturday Farmer’s Market to stock the kitchen for the week. There is always lots of beautiful produce and food goods to be had. Familiar friendly faces all around, nice vibes.

I spent some time yesterday getting my Etsy shop ready for an opening. I am excited and driven. *grin* I like my shop title…”personal effects in a mehndi style” sums it up pretty much. I plan to henna anything I can get my mitts on, and send them out into the world, adding grace to the everyday. I have some silk and wool/silk blend scarves coming in next week and will pick up some rice paper to embellish some glass votives today. I spent some time last night using fabric paint on shirts for a long ago friend and her daughter. It turned out nice, and I will certainly consider using fabric paint as well as pure henna paste in upcoming projects.

There is certainly a change in the air, and I am feeling nature’s signal of Fall. It has been a mild summer, not once did we use the Air conditioner. My Chico clients have been plenty through the Thursday Night Market, of which I am exceedingly grateful. 3 more markets to go and the season closes, only to open back up in April. Perfect respite.

It rained this week and it was wonderful.

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