9/13/2010 Silken Henna Trails

9/13/2010 Silk Henna Trails

Originally uploaded by Henna Trails

Last night was Tuesday and I was planning on doing some henna on my palm, when I became distracted by the new silks that came in on Saturday. It is interesting how the henna has a very golden hue to it, not at all like the deep red henna stains on skin. It has a subtle, ethereal feel to it. I used some Monsoon henna powder from Freehandmehndi and chai tea for my paste. The paste really sticks quite well to the silk. I also tried some henna on a silk and wool scarf. I am thinking about putting the henna on, ironing, rubbing off and then felting it with water to see the results. This has been more time consuming than I had thought it would be. Hahaha…I thought by Friday I would have at least 10 scarves henna’d. I have one and a half done. So maybe I won’t have very many to sell this weekend at the Chico World Music Fest, but I will have some, even if I have to stay up late.

Namaste my friends

2 thoughts on “9/13/2010 Silken Henna Trails

  1. Thank you Sumeyya, I really liked it also, I donated it to Full Belly Farms to benefit organic farming education.

    I have been a fan of your work for years now…I like your detail and henna flow. It has some nice movement. See you around the net.

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