more turquoise please, with a little henna

tiny mehndi garland
Originally uploaded by Henna Trails

I am really sinking into turquoise and icy, cool blue tones so much lately. I like my pastels with a little, tiny wash of light brown over them. When I was younger and cake decorating, I mixed the flower colors with a dash of chocolate to mellow out the colors. Defintely a vintage, earthy feel that I really like. This photo has the same feel for me. cool natural tones and warm earthy elements. balance.

My walls are a new background for my latest line of henna goods in my Etsy shop. I am loving these, and put alot of thought into developing them. I knew I needed to have items which I could re new in my shop. I have begun offering International shipping on some items, which I hope will grow my customer base. These garlands are lightweight and non-breakable, one less worry for me.

I will continue to explore and look for ways to connect henna with all sorts of lifestyles. I can see these garlands as wedding decor, girl’s room, really any sort of room. How about yours?

Thank you,

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