Floral paper garlands

translucent white meets earthy deep brown in a dreamy floral paper garland

My latest addition to my newly conceived paper garlands embellished with henna in a floral mehndi motif. A unique addition to your bridal decor, dear daughter’s room, housewarming gift, or any sort of joyous occasion.

I hand cut from a rice and hemp paper blend the garland flags, I then paint the floral designs with a hand rolled mehndi cone filled with my hand mixed henna paste.  The henna design is coated 2 times with a water based sealant. The sealant casts a frosted, almost see through effect, and the earthy toned henna is a lovely contrast. The henna paste remains on the surface of your flag, creating an embossed feel.These flags are rather sturdy, and flexible, due to the sealant’s effect on the rice paper. These flags are not waterproof.

Each flag measures 4.75 inches across and 3 inches at the lowest point of the flag. Each flag is different, yet similarly styled flower motif. This set has 7 tiny flags.

Stop by my shop for more unique and finely detailed mehndi inspired art.

all the best,


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