golden tent

painting another banner

Thursday Night Market is starting April 5, 2012 and I am fixing up my henna tent. There is a new layout for vendors, that means a bit of remodel work on my tent layout and fixing it up abit more. I needed another banner, since my tent will be open on 2 sides, rather than one. I sat down yesterday and penciled in my letters to match the banner I already have. I used the Algerian font, I love this font used sparingly and it fits perfectly with my tent vibe. Last year I introduce turquoise and deep red walls, which I like, but I need to embellish them to bring a more cohesive look to my tent. I will be using golden, turquoise and dark brown fabric paints to draw henna designs on these walls. I am working on some panels on the front shaped, or rather inspired by Mughal arches in a deep red. I will paint these with golden and turquoise, adding “All Natural” in the Algerian font. I still need to make a sturdy stool for my clients and a few benches for my henna drying area…

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