Inspired henna floral

henna floral by Henna Trails
henna floral, a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

It was Tuesday night, a night reserved for myself and my henna cone. Often, when this day comes I really have no idea what style of henna to create with. I see so very many henna design photos in the course of the week, it can get rather crowded in my mind! There are so very many styles I love. I could go on and on discussing such things, ask my family!
However, yesterday I came across a portfolio that spoke to me artistically. The artist is based in the Trinidad area and her work is a fine delicate balance between naturalistic floral and lots of details I associate with Indian styled work. Her work uses lots of negative space, something I can relate to! I am always looking for those designs which are not just for brides, something for those of us who simply like henna as a part of natural beautification.
I was inspired by the portfolio of She also has a facebook fan page.

Thanks and gratitude.

5 thoughts on “Inspired henna floral

  1. I just discovered you blog and love it. I look forwad to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  2. Thank you, I did use some spectacles for the details! I often feel that my paste has everything to do with my line work, I am loving my new henna powder it is so silky!

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