Exploring Moroccan fan motifs

Last week I found myself drawn to Moroccan style henna designs. I wanted a bit of strong geometric lines, floral, and some of those fan accents in my Tuesday personal  henna. I am loving the fan accents, I have neglected using them in the past and now I am inspired to put them in many designs! Which I did. Last week at the Thursday Night Market, where I have so many opportunities to do “artist’s choice” designs. Lots of my clients choose this and it gives me a chance to go with the flow and see what conspires. One of the most popular design styles in my tent, consistently, is Moroccan. The designs I offer  are from the e-book, “Moor on the Spot” available thru Henna Tribe.

How Henna Trails explored the use of fan elements in henna design last week, May 2012…

combining elements I love, as inspired by fellow henna artists

Oh, I can totally use fan accents in this design….

The floral centers are from “Lavender” and I added the fan accents to the motif.

A heart and eye henna design thought to ward off jealousy. This motif is from “Moor on the Spot” by Lisa Butterworth and Nic Tharpa Cartier. Hugely popular style of henna in Chico, California

feathers brought down the mountain