morning light and dusk of henna hands

When I first began using henna I was inspired to make it a part of my personal style, much like a token bracelet or charm true to your soul. All my life I have been inspired and enchanted by worldwide traditional styles and lifeways, henna was one of those amazing traditions which caught my eye. I understood that more and more mehndi was findings its way in the west and the possibility of coming across it had me on the lookout at every festival and gathering I attended. When I would find the henna artist, I would have one small henna design, and then quickly come back for more, because “henna is like that.” But even that wasn’t enough for me, as twice a year was far too long a wait. I went to the library to see if any books were available locally and none were there, but we ordered Loretta Roomey’s book, “Mehndi: The Timeless Art of Henna Painting” from another library. I loved it and understood how to make my very own henna paste, saw achingly pretty photos of henna hands, read about traditions and pattern meanings.  I needed to actually own this book so I ordered it from a local bookseller. I still love my henna hands, I look forward to the times I set aside for my own mehndi style. These photos were snapped by my husband with our dinky point and shoot Nikon. He has a great perspective and understands  my vision. I have yet to work with alot of professional photographers, so we try to make up for that by styling and shooting the best possible photos we can.

Dusk in the air, crickets begin their songs, the sun becomes quiet and her henna darkens. 12 hours and 24 hours of henna oxidization reveal deep rusty red and deep cherry red henna hands.

Light of a new day reveals deep red henna hands

All this light contrasting beautifully with the henna hands…would you consider henna for your wedding? I would love to help you realize the bridal henna of your dreams.

Chico, California.

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