Tending fires and practicing henna

It’s winter and the solstice has come, I love the winter light, so angular and low, it picks up details that get lost when the summer sun shines from above. To keep the cold away, we tend a fire in our ultra efficient wood stove and life slows down alot.

I like to take this time to practice henna, the designs I really crave, the designs all the rage worldwide, and concepts especially geared toward my upcoming market season. I recently joined instagram and it has been intensely inspiring for me, I really appreciate photography media sites. I am amazed at how our world uses henna, there seems to be endless creativity and expression.

I have admired khaleeji style henna for years, it’s a style I would most likely wear myself. Instagram has enabled me to view so many current khaleeji stye henna photos. I am practicing the designs so I may be able to go on and create my own designs in this style.  I tend to do alot of small or casual hennas, many designs I admire are too complex for my market, so I pick a few elements and combine them into something new.The designs at times appear to literally move across and bloom upon the hand, with so much grace and movement. I have tried to capture that grace for years, it always escaped me, my mind’s eye could not work with my hands and muscle memory. I engaged in a series of henna sessions using expired paste on paper, repetitions at first, moving on to hand templates later and seeing how, after a dozen pages of finished templates, certain elements flow more naturally. Henna breakthrough, epiphany, and the next series reflects that new muscle memory and I am so psyched. What feels like, and really is, years of study comes together.

hennastudy2_hennatrails hennastudy_hennatrails

Making things happen in the quiet winter. 2013
Making things happen in the quiet winter. 2013

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