Mandala art for devices

earthy mandala folk art for devices


Society6 and I are offering free shipping for a limited time in my newly created Our Folk Life online shop! I am loving the look of the dark wooden plank and turquoise toned mandala motif, decidedly rustic. Certainly bohemian…what device?

My art is all hand drawn, Society6 enables me to produce items I normally would not be able to offer at reasonable prices. Society6 is  based out of San Francisco and so far I have been very pleased with their service and the environment they nurture. There are very many quality artists keeping shop, with new offerings daily. I upload my art image, they store it and print on demand. I’m so excited, so many opportunities, so many visions to come to life.

I would like to let my readers know I am blogging about my folk art on Our Folk Life. Henna Trails will continue to focus on henna body arts, culture and design. Join me if you like my folk art!

Thank you!

Stocking my etsy shop just for you

It lives! After a long hibernation and some reflection, my etsy shop is filling with my various interpretations of henna folk arts. There are new features on etsy that make my Indie heart skip a beat. Gift cards are now available, as well as direct check out if you find paypal to be a hassle. This week I will be adding these earrings as well as pendents made from capiz shells, light as a feather and translucent like antique windows. I accept custom orders for that personal touch.

henna henna henna

henna  by Henna Trails
henna , a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

Ah, my henna season 2012 began last Thursday April 5th! I am so very glad to be working again. Downtown Chico, California hosts an evening market called, the Thursday Night Market. Downtown streets are closed for the evening, farmers, food makers, artisans and musicians will come together for the next 6 months for our community. It is events like this which keep my artistry moving. This will be my 4 season, I have come a long way from my beginning days.

This design I am calling the “Bollywood special”, it is one of my most requested designs. Each one is different from the other, simply done with a floral strip and finger accents. The years previous I referred to it as the “Sangeet special” as it is something along the lines of a design you may recieve at a Sangeet as a guest. However, many of my clients aren’t aware of what a Sangeet is, and Bollywood is a term they can relate to. I have found the people drawn to henna in my tent are wonderful, open minded individuals.

I really love my job and everything around it. Thank you! hennahennahennnahennnahennaaaa♥.

golden tent

painting another banner

Thursday Night Market is starting April 5, 2012 and I am fixing up my henna tent. There is a new layout for vendors, that means a bit of remodel work on my tent layout and fixing it up abit more. I needed another banner, since my tent will be open on 2 sides, rather than one. I sat down yesterday and penciled in my letters to match the banner I already have. I used the Algerian font, I love this font used sparingly and it fits perfectly with my tent vibe. Last year I introduce turquoise and deep red walls, which I like, but I need to embellish them to bring a more cohesive look to my tent. I will be using golden, turquoise and dark brown fabric paints to draw henna designs on these walls. I am working on some panels on the front shaped, or rather inspired by Mughal arches in a deep red. I will paint these with golden and turquoise, adding “All Natural” in the Algerian font. I still need to make a sturdy stool for my clients and a few benches for my henna drying area…

Wool and silk blend henna scarf explorations

I have been reluctant to put this particular piece in my shop. Why? Who knows. The sun was shining yesterday, so I went out back with my 15 year old son to catch some photos in good light. I like his eye, he knows to move around the subject and try different angles. My sons have taken some of my best photos so far!

I have more scarves in the works, I soaked one habotai silk scarf in a henna bath and will henna some mehndi motif designs over it. It came out a beautiful soft peach tone. I am thrilled to have thought of this, as it adds dimension to the usual white/off white of the scarves I have in stock. The henna paste I mixed yesterday contains lemon juice, rather than tea, which I have been using lately for my henna crafting. I am interested to see if there is a slight color difference. In a few days, I should have my results, as I like to keep the henna paste on for at least 1 day or more.

Until next time,
henna dreams and crafty inspirations to us all

The henna plant leaf contains a reddish dye molecule which adheres very well to many things of an organic nature. Such as skin, silk, drum heads, and papers. I have hand painted this scarf with a henna cone containing my henna paste mixed especially for fiber arts. My paste contains a red herbal tea, chai tea, and jamila henna powder. The paste is left intact for numerous days then heat set. The paste is rubbed off to reveal a lovely saffron, golden hued design stain. The design is then heat set again.
I love the feel of this scarf, the wool and silk is marvelous. I have yet to see how they would react to some hot water felting baths.
Info from the artist:

Not much of a writer…

Image representing Etsy as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

but I am getting into the hang of it. I opened a shop on etsy with all my henna art projects there. It was a real learning experience for me, photographs must be very nicely done, text descriptions just so…it is open now

Really, it has been a life long dream to have a shop of my own stylings. I have brought my personal earthy toned touches to my pictures. I liked that. I really like photo editors such as piknik, without whom my photos would fall flat.

I know the world of etsy is huge and full of exceptionally talented artisans. Knowing this should keep me on my toes. Slow and steady has been my way, it will be my etsy way as well.

I am thankful for my family, rain, landscape around me, my hands and creativity.