Wedding henna and volcanic rocks

Mehendi mandalas in henna, the color of love

One afternoon last January I took a ride downtown to the La Rocca Vineyards Organic Wine Tasting Room to provide henna artistry for a beautiful and intimate  wedding. Henna, or mehendi as part of marriage rites is an enduring tradition, and mehendi is applied for many celebrations in India. Mandalas were chosen for their hands, a classic India style motif. Mandalas are sometimes thought to represent the universe or the cosmos,  mandalas are also some of my favorite motifs for henna.

I love this wedding henna photo, the atmosphere is completely steeped in Chico, California! Life up here in Northern California is relaxed and casual, we’re all striving to live as one with nature, and that has a profound effect on our community. Purely natural henna is a marvelous compliment to our local lifestyle, even if the henna plant doesn’t grow here! I’m here to cultivate henna as adornment just for you, what inspires you?

yours truly,


henna style

purely natural henna hands
purely natural henna hands

Purely natural henna style in California. Henna is made from the leaves of the henna plant, a small shrub grown throughout Southeast Asia for skin decoration. Skillfully applied by hand for best results. Always check your henna artists’ portfolio for consistent skill and style in her designs. This henna is at day 4, after plenty of chores and hard work.

Rain Henna

It rained this week for the first time in maybe, 5-6 months. Deep and heavy rains, the earth smells fantastic now. After some adjusting, I don’t mind at all.

The season may be changing, however you can still indulge in henna for your self with a private appointment, with friends for a henna party, or consider your future wedding henna. Please contact us  for availability. Experience purely natural and artistic henna with Henna Trails.

Ombre henna hands

I am often thrilled with idea of henna designs focusing on your fingers. Visualize your striking allure as your henna fingers fly with tasks of even the everyday sort. This past summer I have been drawn to the revival of ombre thanks to pinterest and my favorite sweater in 5th grade. Ombre refers to the French term ombre referring to shade, hence the single color shade gradation seen on fabric and more lately. Here is a lovely pinboard of ombre in various mediums. Eventually while researching ombre dye techniques and trying my hand with fabrics, I decided to explore ombre henna. Admittedly, it is not for everyone…it is a somewhat shocking look. My ombre fingers were met with mixed emotions. I enjoyed them, they took a fair amount of time and complete mindfulness as I timed each layer of henna carefully.

A pinterest inspired idea certainly called for a tinted mason, or kerr canning jar. Too much! But I love it anyway, kindly please keep pinning or curating all the amazing and awesome aspects of life here on our earth and beyond.

morning light and dusk of henna hands

When I first began using henna I was inspired to make it a part of my personal style, much like a token bracelet or charm true to your soul. All my life I have been inspired and enchanted by worldwide traditional styles and lifeways, henna was one of those amazing traditions which caught my eye. I understood that more and more mehndi was findings its way in the west and the possibility of coming across it had me on the lookout at every festival and gathering I attended. When I would find the henna artist, I would have one small henna design, and then quickly come back for more, because “henna is like that.” But even that wasn’t enough for me, as twice a year was far too long a wait. I went to the library to see if any books were available locally and none were there, but we ordered Loretta Roomey’s book, “Mehndi: The Timeless Art of Henna Painting” from another library. I loved it and understood how to make my very own henna paste, saw achingly pretty photos of henna hands, read about traditions and pattern meanings.  I needed to actually own this book so I ordered it from a local bookseller. I still love my henna hands, I look forward to the times I set aside for my own mehndi style. These photos were snapped by my husband with our dinky point and shoot Nikon. He has a great perspective and understands  my vision. I have yet to work with alot of professional photographers, so we try to make up for that by styling and shooting the best possible photos we can.

Dusk in the air, crickets begin their songs, the sun becomes quiet and her henna darkens. 12 hours and 24 hours of henna oxidization reveal deep rusty red and deep cherry red henna hands.

Light of a new day reveals deep red henna hands

All this light contrasting beautifully with the henna hands…would you consider henna for your wedding? I would love to help you realize the bridal henna of your dreams.

Chico, California.

Hello Henna 2012

henna trails by Henna Trails
henna trails, a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

It feels good to embrace the new year. I have spent some time in reflection of my art this past year. I appreciate all the lessons I learned, the techniques I’ve garnered, and the loads of pencil sketches accumulated over the past year. I am making all new henna pattern books for my henna tent this season. Every year I gain a better grasp of my business and art coming together as a “street artist”.

I love henna and this artistic journey I am on. Blessings of Baraka are clearly infused with the practice of such an ancient art as henna painting.