Market henna season closing tonight!

It has been a rather inspiring 6 months of henna in the streets of downtown Chico, California for the Thursday Night Market! All my supporters have my utmost gratitude for embracing this exquisite, ancient and temporal artistry. I will miss the hustle and bustle of this beautiful evening market, meeting up with my community, and supporting other artists, farmers, and cooks! Incidentally, our humble little market was named one of the best of the World’s Best Late-Nite Foodie Havens! Pretty cool for a small, rural college town amongst organic farms and orchards. We love excellent food here, that is for sure!

This year will mark my 4 season slinging henna on the street for the market. I have learned so much thru the years. I look forward to coming back next April, refreshed and armed with new henna patterns, books and ideas just for you, dear Chico. Come see me tonight and revel in the awesome of our town! Purely natural.

Henna downtown and in the streets

Every Thursday Chico, California closes the streets of downtown to traffic and farmers, artisans, chefs, and local organizations set up for 3 hours to connect with our community. I am coming to the close of another fantastic year of henna, marking my 4th year of public henna. I have so much gratitude to my henna sister, who called me to join her 4 years ago and showed me so much about henna by example.

You can find me on Broadway between 3rd and 4th street every Thursday 6-9pm thru September, or find me at Eye of Jade Tattoo on Fridays downtown, 319 Main Street. All this weekend you can find me at the Chico World Music Festival on the Chico State campus Saturday and Sunday. Adorn your skin with beautiful henna, unique and temporal beautification. I’ll be there.

Healing side of henna

If you’ve ever worn henna, you can understand the grace you can feel with a beautiful design adorning your skin. So many of the women I henna let me know how beautiful it makes them feel, how they enjoy watching a design unfold, taking a moment to do something special, beautifying  themselves.

In recent years, henna artists have been adorning the heads of those who are suffering from complete hair loss. I highly encourage you to visit to learn more, connect with their facebook page for current photos of working artists and their muses.

A few years ago this kind woman, a care giver herself, came to me at my evening market to inquire about having henna applied to her head. I was so honored she came to me, and oddly enough, she had no idea this was being done elsewhere. We made an appointment and met up for her henna. 

I saw her recently at an art show where she was her usual happy self, walking her dog and looking wonderful. I loved connecting with this amazing woman.

I am currently booking henna crown appointments in Chico, California thru “A New Beginning Massage Therapy”. Click the ‘Schedule Now’ button at the top of this page and scroll until you see henna services and choose “Healing henna crowns”. I am offering this service on a sliding scale basis as a way to give back to my community. I hope you’ll share this post.

Burning Man henna stylish

Heading out to the playa later this month? Show Black Rock City your international ancient and natural swagger with henna body art. It is believed henna was used by the ancients in the north African regions. Henna is all natural, temporal, and as detailed as you want it to be. A perfect self expression for such an auspicious occasion.

Mostly it is a beautiful way to express yourself and the playa is so conducive to self expression. What’s your style? Modern playa fusion? Your dream henna? Moroccan geometric? Traditional Indian mehendi? Sweeping and organic styled Gulf designs?

Book Henna Trails for your private appointment, I have the purely natural henna and lots of creativity!

Private bookings in a park setting with Henna Trails

Take some time out for yourself with a private henna booking in beautiful Bidwell Park located in the center of Chico, California.

Private bookings start at $30, with an hourly rate of $65.00. In one hour you will receive quite a good amount of skillfully applied and purely natural henna. I particularly enjoy mornings in the park, near the Sycamore Pool under the old oak trees. Live your adornment inspirations and email me to set a date.

henna and the man

Henna can be used to adorn men, they do like it! Well, some of them like it. My husband is rather fond of henna, and lately he has been quite busy practicing guitar for his latest band. Guitar practice has been winning out over henna paste, but that’s alright with me as he is living his dream. If we can make the time, he wants something fire-y and swooping on his fingers…

henna small scale

henna by Henna Trails
henna, a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

Sometimes, it is the smallest henna designs which capture my eye. Henna is so very flexible that even the smallest design charms. A little henna design inspired from the pattern book “Moor on the Spot” found on Henna Tribe.

This paste was freshly mixed using certified organic Rajasthani henna powder, hibiscus flower/tamarind tea, and Aromatherapy grade essential oils for quality henna stains. Genuine natural adornment, used in ancient days, inspiring our modern age. Natural henna leaves behind a lush deep earthy red stain, your design will last anywhere from 7-14 days, depending on body placement, after care and chemistry.