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henna  by Henna Trails
henna , a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

Ah, my henna season 2012 began last Thursday April 5th! I am so very glad to be working again. Downtown Chico, California hosts an evening market called, the Thursday Night Market. Downtown streets are closed for the evening, farmers, food makers, artisans and musicians will come together for the next 6 months for our community. It is events like this which keep my artistry moving. This will be my 4 season, I have come a long way from my beginning days.

This design I am calling the “Bollywood special”, it is one of my most requested designs. Each one is different from the other, simply done with a floral strip and finger accents. The years previous I referred to it as the “Sangeet special” as it is something along the lines of a design you may recieve at a Sangeet as a guest. However, many of my clients aren’t aware of what a Sangeet is, and Bollywood is a term they can relate to. I have found the people drawn to henna in my tent are wonderful, open minded individuals.

I really love my job and everything around it. Thank you! hennahennahennnahennnahennaaaa♥.

golden tent

painting another banner

Thursday Night Market is starting April 5, 2012 and I am fixing up my henna tent. There is a new layout for vendors, that means a bit of remodel work on my tent layout and fixing it up abit more. I needed another banner, since my tent will be open on 2 sides, rather than one. I sat down yesterday and penciled in my letters to match the banner I already have. I used the Algerian font, I love this font used sparingly and it fits perfectly with my tent vibe. Last year I introduce turquoise and deep red walls, which I like, but I need to embellish them to bring a more cohesive look to my tent. I will be using golden, turquoise and dark brown fabric paints to draw henna designs on these walls. I am working on some panels on the front shaped, or rather inspired by Mughal arches in a deep red. I will paint these with golden and turquoise, adding “All Natural” in the Algerian font. I still need to make a sturdy stool for my clients and a few benches for my henna drying area…

Henna reflections and books

These festival styled motifs are inspired by my henna pattern e-book, “Henna Chic”. These simple, yet unique pattern styles are inspired by Eastern decorative arts. You may purchase this book at payloadz, click this photo.
Keep in touch with Jigna Publishing on facebook for more henna pattern e-book releases from a variety of henna artists across our world.

In other art related news, I have a new linoleum block and cutting tools to work with. I am pretty excited to get back into this, although I really need to finish up my new design book before I start yet another art project. So many projects and only so much time!

I have turned in my weekly market application and fees for this coming season at the Thursday Night Market in downtown Chico, California. Every Thursday from 6-9pm April to September I have the opportunity to connect with my community. Such good times! I am back for my 4th year, thank you Chico for all your support. Hennaaaa. ♥.

floral henna palm 2012

floral henna palm 2012 by Henna Trails
floral henna palm 2012, a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

I have become completely enamored by henna palms lately. I love the idea that the palms are rather personal. not everyone sees yourpalms, unless you like them to. Ah, excepting money, item transactions, the palms are usually out there at those times. So goes my theory…

Well, it is winter and the tops of my hands spend nearly all day covered in olive oil. Olive oil is good for henna stains, less so for henna paste.

This design was inspired by a video from Ash Kumar that I have been studying. I am drawn to his design work because it has so much movement. My clients tend to prefer the more Arabic styled mehndi, I have never had the opportunity to do traditional Indian bridal mehndi, so I go with what my current clientele likes…open flowing designs, also my personal favorite style. I wear henna for no other reason than as a natural beautification style.

My henna paste is made with 100% organic Rajasthani henna powder, tea, cajeput essential oil and sugars. I love the fact that henna is from a plant and has been used for thousands of years. Thousands. Love henna.

Hello Henna 2012

henna trails by Henna Trails
henna trails, a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

It feels good to embrace the new year. I have spent some time in reflection of my art this past year. I appreciate all the lessons I learned, the techniques I’ve garnered, and the loads of pencil sketches accumulated over the past year. I am making all new henna pattern books for my henna tent this season. Every year I gain a better grasp of my business and art coming together as a “street artist”.

I love henna and this artistic journey I am on. Blessings of Baraka are clearly infused with the practice of such an ancient art as henna painting.

Capiz shell and henna crush

Today I listed a new henna piece in my etsy shop, I am very excited to start this new line of accessories! I love capiz shells, I love henna, so why not combine them together for some completely different?! I hand painted a little spiraling mehndi motif onto the shell, let it dry and sealed it in a super duper acrylic for durability. Capiz shells are really quite sturdy for looking so luminous and ethereal. These make beautiful glowing earrings! I have a limited supply of shells in this particular shape, which strikes me as unfortunate…there are only 5 more! I have other shapes, but this is my favorite.

Click on the photo to visit my Etsy shop

I thank God for the gift of creativity in my life.

Asha Savla mehndi stain 2011

Asha Savla stain 2011

Originally uploaded by Henna Trails

This is classical Indo-Arabic styled henna designed by Asha Savla. She is a world renowned henna designer based in Mumbai, India. She is one of my personal favorites, I often work on myself from her books. I am nearly satisfied with my line quality work, it could be better. That will come with time and practice. I am clearly obsessed with mehndi, so that is no problem. I haven’t been bored in I don’t know how long.

I did my left hand one night, left my paste on overnight with a few lemon sugar sealants. It took awhile to rub it off the next morning, but I would never just wash it off with water. Too much detailed work in mehndi to not follow the aftercare rituals for dark stains.
The next morning I did my right hand, I always start with my palms first. Because I was using my non dominate hand, it took much longer than my left hand did. I think it is a good brain and muscle control exercise. Also, I really don’t like having heavy mehndi only on one hand. Really. Light sangeet style on one hand does not bother me. I am trying to practice more complex designs, so that I may aquire some bridal clients this year.
I am really enjoying this particular mehndi, I also did the tops, but the palms always come out with pomegranate and deep cherry tones.

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January Bridal Henna Stain

12/2010 Henna Stain3

Originally uploaded by Henna Trails

It sure is quiet in the mehndi body art corner of my small rural world. It is cold outside! So I practice on myself to stay limber of hand and mind. I spend a fair amount of time looking at fellow henna artisan’s work on photo/social media sites and am always impressed with a finely detailed Indian Bridal Mehndi design. I typically only have the opportunity to do this level of mehndi artistry on myself, as my clients usually prefer smaller, more flowing, open designs. This particular design is in the Indo Arabic Mehndi style, a fusion of the elegant sweeps of arabic motifs, often inspired by plants and flowers, with intricate detials inspired by traditional Indian Mehndi. Goodness, I love henna.

Saturday reflections

Today I will go downtown to the Saturday Farmer’s Market to stock the kitchen for the week. There is always lots of beautiful produce and food goods to be had. Familiar friendly faces all around, nice vibes.

I spent some time yesterday getting my Etsy shop ready for an opening. I am excited and driven. *grin* I like my shop title…”personal effects in a mehndi style” sums it up pretty much. I plan to henna anything I can get my mitts on, and send them out into the world, adding grace to the everyday. I have some silk and wool/silk blend scarves coming in next week and will pick up some rice paper to embellish some glass votives today. I spent some time last night using fabric paint on shirts for a long ago friend and her daughter. It turned out nice, and I will certainly consider using fabric paint as well as pure henna paste in upcoming projects.

There is certainly a change in the air, and I am feeling nature’s signal of Fall. It has been a mild summer, not once did we use the Air conditioner. My Chico clients have been plenty through the Thursday Night Market, of which I am exceedingly grateful. 3 more markets to go and the season closes, only to open back up in April. Perfect respite.

It rained this week and it was wonderful.

Tuesday Henna ritual with Henna Trails

henna for the artist, by the artist

Nearly every Tuesday I apply henna to myself in preparation for the Thursday Night Market in downtown Chico, Cal. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to do.  Other times I am scratching my head, which is overflowing from the days views of maybe, oh…tons of mehndi photos. I totally understand my clients when they say they just can’t decide, it is the same for me. Last night I  chose what I think is a Yemeni design from Olga Rashida, a henna artist and Anthropologist from Berlin, Germany. I couldn’t really put my finger on what I liked about it…it is delicate and fine with nice flow across the hands. My turned out quite different from the Yemeni, but that is how it should be with henna. Different artists have certain little details that make it their own work. Rarely are any 2 mehndi the same, unless done so purposely…which is possible. I am happy with how it turned out and I am waiting for the color to develop fully.  Maybe I will henna my right hand tonight.