Amadou & Marium…

I really enjoy the whole general culture of North Africa. You can see Miriam is wearing some henna rich in North African designs. Henna is used by North Africans, and they tend to have their own particular style. Many designs are more linear in nature, their floral patterns tend to be very bold and strong. Enjoy, my friends.

July 1st, 2010

July around here means golden grasses and a high heat index. This also means great henna stains. I actually love the dry heat, the smell of the dry grasses and the sound of a distant rain bird clicking away in a neighbor’s yard. It feels, smells and sounds like home.

Tonight I will set up my “golden tent” at the Thursday Night Market on Broadway Street for Henna Trails. This is a lovely¬† event, when the sun is on it’s way down, and people come out for cold drinks, fresh produce, and mingle. I see a wide variety of people stopping in, some stay to watch for a bit and move on. Some stop to watch and decide to try some henna body art. I am happy to be able to offer a small bit of beautification and joy to my community. Henna is an ancient beauty ritual embraced by many people all around our world. In all honesty, I wish more of my community embraced this sort of adornment. I see it as Mother Nature’s manicure, surely a bit more creative. I will continue to quietly henna in my community, slowly bringing an awareness around. I am patient.

Namaste, my friends.