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April to September, 6-9 pm you can find me at the Thursday Night Market, in Chico, California for simple henna designs in a price range of $5.00-$20.00. Look for me on Broadway Street, between 3rd & 4th street. Limited spots available, first come, first served. Because of the fast pace of the farmer’s market, not all henna designs can be executed in that setting. The focus of henna at the market is on hands, forearms and upper arms. Often the high heat index brings challenges with back and shoulder henna, which may run and smear in the heat on verticle surfaces outdoors.

Private hourly henna sessions, as well as shared hourly sessions with up to 4 people,  are available in my home studio in the Vecino neighborhood of Chico, California. Scheduling appointments 3 days in advance is suggested.

I can bring henna to you! Private party henna is booked hourly, with additional 30-minute increments available after the initial hourly rate. Within the Chico city limits, 1-hour minimum booking with up to 12 guests at $80.00 per hour. Outlying local areas are booked at a 2-hour minimum plus travel fees. Parties outside the local Butte County area are booked at 3-hour minimum plus travel fees. Contact Me for booking with the form below.

Corporate and large-scale private events are booked at $120 per hour. Locations outside the Chico, California city limits are booked at 2-hour minimum plus travel fees.  Events outside the local Butte County, California area are booked at 3-hour minimum plus travel fees. Contact Me for booking with the form below.

Bridal henna packages are booked through a 30-minute consultation. Local brides are encouraged to book their consultation in our studio. Out of town brides may schedule a consultation through skype or google hangouts.

Henna Trails is a singular artist-run project, dedicated to using fresh and 100% natural henna paste, mixed in-house for premium henna color. Kristy has experienced over 10 years of artisanal henna pattern studies steeped in modern patterns as well as the traditional and regional henna patterns of Morocco, India and the Middle East.

Henna is a welcome addition to your event and guests of all ages. There is a design style for everyone, and your guests will leave with their offering of personalized henna to carry with them for 7-10 days. A perfect gift requiring zero packaging, and a plant-based folk art steeped in enduring traditions.

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