A Mystical Halloween Henna



Festival Henna

Please join me and partake in natural henna art this weekend at the Wildflower Music Festival Saturday June 29, 2013 in Chico, California. Junior Toots is headlining, proceeds from this event will go to Wildflower Open Classroom school in Chico. I’m hosting a giveaway for 2 tickets on my facebook page this week. It should be a beautiful day on the green! See you there!

Join me at our local markets this week;

Thursday Night Market in downtown Chico, California from 6-9 pm on Broadway Street between 3rd and 4th streets.

Chapman Farmer’s Market at the end of Cleveland Avenue, by the Community Park on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway 2-5:30 pm.

A sweep of florals and paisleys in henna for a naturalista.
A sweep of florals and paisleys in henna for a naturalista.
Sisters together for henna, naturalistas for life.
Sisters together for henna, naturalistas for life.

Summer is your perfect time for henna! Henna is the naturalista’s body adornment of choice. Temporal, yet steeped in ancient tradition and purely natural, made by hand from the leaves of the henna plant and infused with artistic skills. Purely natural henna stains last 7-10 days; as your skin exfoliates, your henna will gradually fade away completely. Henna stains your hands and feet the best, your henna stains will be lighter elsewhere.


Inspired henna floral

henna floral by Henna Trails
henna floral, a photo by Henna Trails on Flickr.

It was Tuesday night, a night reserved for myself and my henna cone. Often, when this day comes I really have no idea what style of henna to create with. I see so very many henna design photos in the course of the week, it can get rather crowded in my mind! There are so very many styles I love. I could go on and on discussing such things, ask my family!
However, yesterday I came across a portfolio that spoke to me artistically. The artist is based in the Trinidad area and her work is a fine delicate balance between naturalistic floral and lots of details I associate with Indian styled work. Her work uses lots of negative space, something I can relate to! I am always looking for those designs which are not just for brides, something for those of us who simply like henna as a part of natural beautification.
I was inspired by the portfolio of AneesaKarim.com. She also has a facebook fan page.

Thanks and gratitude.