Healing side of henna

If you’ve ever worn henna, you can understand the grace you can feel with a beautiful design adorning your skin. So many of the women I henna let me know how beautiful it makes them feel, how they enjoy watching a design unfold, taking a moment to do something special, beautifying  themselves.

In recent years, henna artists have been adorning the heads of those who are suffering from complete hair loss. I highly encourage you to visit  http://hennaheals.ca/ to learn more, connect with their facebook page for current photos of working artists and their muses.

A few years ago this kind woman, a care giver herself, came to me at my evening market to inquire about having henna applied to her head. I was so honored she came to me, and oddly enough, she had no idea this was being done elsewhere. We made an appointment and met up for her henna. 

I saw her recently at an art show where she was her usual happy self, walking her dog and looking wonderful. I loved connecting with this amazing woman.

I am currently booking henna crown appointments in Chico, California thru “A New Beginning Massage Therapy”. Click the ‘Schedule Now’ button at the top of this page and scroll until you see henna services and choose “Healing henna crowns”. I am offering this service on a sliding scale basis as a way to give back to my community. I hope you’ll share this post.