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Henna Outdoors.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

Henna is an ancient, yet temporal beauty ritual with enduring traditions and patterns. Henna Trails’ henna is hand mixed from certified Organic henna leaves and quality essential oils for a purely natural and safe experience in body art. Henna patterns dry in 20 minutes, keeping the paste intact at least 4-8 hours will reveal deep henna stains. Henna stains all healthy skin types with a red brown tone and lasts 7-10 days. Walk in beauty.


It’s winter and the solstice has come, I love the winter light, so angular and low, it picks up details that get lost when the summer sun shines from above. To keep the cold away, we tend a fire in our ultra efficient wood stove and life slows down alot.

I like to take this time to practice henna, the designs I really crave, the designs all the rage worldwide, and concepts especially geared toward my upcoming market season. I recently joined instagram and it has been intensely inspiring for me, I really appreciate photography media sites. I am amazed at how our world uses henna, there seems to be endless creativity and expression.

I have admired khaleeji style henna for years, it’s a style I would most likely wear myself. Instagram has enabled me to view so many current khaleeji stye henna photos. I am practicing the designs so I may be able to go on and create my own designs in this style.  I tend to do alot of small or casual hennas, many designs I admire are too complex for my market, so I pick a few elements and combine them into something new.The designs at times appear to literally move across and bloom upon the hand, with so much grace and movement. I have tried to capture that grace for years, it always escaped me, my mind’s eye could not work with my hands and muscle memory. I engaged in a series of henna sessions using expired paste on paper, repetitions at first, moving on to hand templates later and seeing how, after a dozen pages of finished templates, certain elements flow more naturally. Henna breakthrough, epiphany, and the next series reflects that new muscle memory and I am so psyched. What feels like, and really is, years of study comes together.

hennastudy2_hennatrails hennastudy_hennatrails

Making things happen in the quiet winter. 2013
Making things happen in the quiet winter. 2013

Henna Chic design book by Kristy McCurry Henna Trails

henna design e-book

I have been buried under a heaping pile of henna powder, tea, essential oils and cones the past few weeks. I love it! The henna season is in full swing, despite unusual weather in my typically hot community. I am in my 9th week at the Thursday Night Market in downtown Chico, California. My tent has been busy with ladies of all ages loving henna culture. We have had a few local festivals which were great fun and all had a good turn out. My community is vibrant and loves festivals.

This spring my first henna art book was published by Jigna publishing and master mehendi artists, Justine Howland Goodwin of Magicalmehendi and Neeta Sharma of Mehndidesigner. I am honored to work with such talented ladies, who like my art! Big happy sighs from me. My design book is inspired by Northern California festivals and markets I participate in, as well as my love of Pan-Asian decorative folk arts. In my book you will NOT find any tattoo flash style art. What you will find is elegant heart motifs, swirling clouds, suns and moons, floral sweeps and lotuses to mention a few. Click my cover art to buy this e-book for instant download and printing. Place the design papers in protective sheets, print the gorgeous cover in color, and place it all in a binder to take with you to your next gig! PLease. If you have purchased my henna art book, please take a moment to leave a review on the payloadz site and let me know how you like it!

Thank you for supporting the arts♥

happy henna love,