Chico Earthdance 2014

September 21, 2014

Earthdance is an annual Global Peace Party, music and dance events around our world. Social activism since 1997. In Chico, California, it was the 9th annual Chico Earthdance. Featuring performances from Alli Battaglia and the Musical Brewing Company, Los Caballitos de la Cancion, Soul Union, The Electrified Redemption Project, Lost in Outer Space, and Chico West African Drum and Dance, interactive painting, local artists and producers in Cedar Grove, Bidwell Park one Sunday afternoon. We artists circled at the edge of the oaks in Cedar Grove, one of my favorite festival spaces ever…this park is pure Chico magic.

Thursday Night Market Henna June 27, 2013

Thank you Chico for coming out in the heat for natural henna once again! I will be at the Chapman Market today on the end of Cleveland Ave by the community park. Saturday come join us and support the Wildflower Music Festival from 11am-11pm with Junior Toots!

I am currently preparing for California World Fest in Grass Valley, you can find my henna tent by the main stage. I am so excited to return to my family’s favorite festival!

My market schedule in Chico will resume July 18th 2013. See you then!

Paisley design from my henna pattern book, Arabic Trails.
Paisley design from my henna pattern book, Arabic Trails.
Modern tribal street henna in Chico, California. SUmmer 2013
Modern tribal street henna in Chico, California. SUmmer 2013
Purely natural henna with a dusting of cosmetic glitter at the Thursday Night Market in Chico, California
Purely natural henna with a dusting of cosmetic glitter at the Th

market henna summer 2013

A new henna season and new shapes and forms emerge in the henna designs. Design elements added to muscle memory, new patterns and concepts inspire new work and spins on some older work. Henna downtown, on the street for the Thursday Night Market, 6-9 pm Chico, California.

Henna Summer for Chico, California 2012

It’s that time for sandals, flip flops and bare feet in the creek….which also means you should look into getting some henna for your feet! For casual henna, many people choose their feet over their hands as it does have a tendency to last abit longer than henna on your hands. Check out how awesome an ancient, yet modernly inspired cosmetic can transform your feet into walking beauty. Next, email me for your appointment, One Mile in Bidwell park is my personal favorite place for henna meet ups. There are so many styles of henna design, what do you fancy?

Early morning henna at The Matador Motel for the Art Fiesta, we liked Gulf inspired designs and went with the flow.
the other side.
I really like this design and placement on the foot. This design is inspired by the e-book, “Henna from the Arabian Penninsula” by Liz Ging. This pattern book can be found:
Or check out her blog:
Henna for a shining star, Gulf region henna style inspired.
A gift of henna from lovely friends, who will miss their dear friend as she moves out of state.

natural henna stain for a natural girl
A quick henna experience on the veranda for some mehendi feet
My feet at an organic farm festival.

So many possibilities.    One simple henna cone.    A  mehendi culture inspired artisan.    And you.

Henna reflections and books

These festival styled motifs are inspired by my henna pattern e-book, “Henna Chic”. These simple, yet unique pattern styles are inspired by Eastern decorative arts. You may purchase this book at payloadz, click this photo.
Keep in touch with Jigna Publishing on facebook for more henna pattern e-book releases from a variety of henna artists across our world.

In other art related news, I have a new linoleum block and cutting tools to work with. I am pretty excited to get back into this, although I really need to finish up my new design book before I start yet another art project. So many projects and only so much time!

I have turned in my weekly market application and fees for this coming season at the Thursday Night Market in downtown Chico, California. Every Thursday from 6-9pm April to September I have the opportunity to connect with my community. Such good times! I am back for my 4th year, thank you Chico for all your support. Hennaaaa. ♥.